The story of Lady Taty is that of a great-grandmother who knew how to pass on to her descendants, one generation after another, the love of jewellery.

Augusta Brignone said "Taty"was my great grandmother as it could have been yours. She passed on to her family the image of a strong woman who asserted itself through the jewelry she wore.

Affirm your style.

Dare wear what you like.

Transmit to your loved ones who you are.

These are the values that I want to share with you and continue to transmit what Taty he sent me.

Livre ouvert posé sur un drap blanc à côté d'une paire de lunettes

Our house is distinguished in two parts, the jewelry represented by Taty and the online jewelry store under the name of Lady Taty. Our two brands are under the same entity Taty Company SARL located in Geneva.

We are particularly attached to Canton of Geneva both as a place jeweler et watchmaker international but also as an anchor family for several generations.


Danil Sauthier