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Article: 925 silver what does it mean?

Argent 925 quelle signification ?

925 silver what does it mean?

All our jewelry is 925 rhodium silver. But what does "rhodium silver" mean? And why 925?

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The word money comes from Latin silver which means metal, currency or wealth. Moreover, the first coins were in silver. Thanks to its brilliant reflections, this precious metal has been frequently used in jewelery and silversmithing since the dawn of time.

To make silver white, we use a technique called rhodiage. This operation makes it possible to deposit a thin layer of rhodium, a liquid metal that allows silver to remain white and shine because in contact with air and skin, silver oxidizes and tarnishes. Rhodium plating is like a protection but which, in the long run, will tend to patinate, to become dull, this is the normal wear and tear of time.

Fabrication d'un bijoux en argent

The silver quality of your jewel is represented by the punch. For example a punch of 925 thousandths corresponds to the quantity of pure metal present in the alloy of your jewel, because there is also silver 800, 830, 895 or 900.

With us, you will therefore find the best quality of silver because 925 means that the alloy of your jewel contains 92.5% silver !

In addition, this precious metal is non-allergenic, therefore ideal for creating jewelry.



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