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Article: Natural pearls

A string of natural pearls

Natural pearls

Apart from diamonds, no other stone has fascinated human beings as much as the pearl. Birthstones of the month of June, they have often been associated with love, happiness and success, and therefore frequently worn by brides on their wedding day.

Natural pearls are oforganic origin. They are formed inside marine or freshwater mollusks, such as oysters and mussels.
A small foreign body entering the shell is enough for the oyster to release a blackish substance which will be its only defense against the "intruder". Then the mollusk will secrete a whitish substance called " nacre ". And it is this "mother of pearl" that has seduced men since the beginning of time. The thicker this nacre is, the more beautiful the pearl is.

Two hands holding a pearl bracelet

Natural pearls are harvested mainly in theIndian Ocean and the Red Sea. Since they are rare, the price is accordingly.

But today, the market for pearls is mainly the market for cultured pearls because they can be found in shops at affordable prices. The main producing countries of cultured pearls are: Japan, Southeast Asia, Polynesia and Australia.

So how do you trigger the cultured pearl formation process? Find out in the next LT article!

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Cultured pearl mounted on a necklace Lady Taty

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