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Article: Why is there a stone associated with each month of the year?

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Why is there a stone associated with each month of the year?

For a long time astrological signs were associated with the stone that best represented the character of a person born under the sign concerned. Then the stones were related to the months rather than the signs of the zodiac.


January - garnet

In Ayurvedic culture and in modern Western cultures, garnet is associated with the month of January. It brings joy and strength to life. Its dark red color gives us the power of will and self-confidence.


February - amethyst

In ancient and modern cultures, amethyst is associated with wine and royalty. Placed in a room, it brings us peace and serenity. In the practice of meditation, it promotes spiritual elevation and concentration.


Mars - aquamarine

Aquamarine has been designated the stone of the month for March. It is the stone of courage and wisdom. It is said to protect ships and travelers from storms and thus protects sailors, fishermen, divers and swimmers. It increases our strength of creative, artistic and literary expression.


April - diamond

The diamond improves the relationship of people born in April. It allows us to control our feelings of jealousy and removes our lack of confidence in relationships with our partner.


May - emerald

It is in the Bible that we find the origin of birthstones. We discover that the emerald is associated with the month of May. The emerald green symbolizes the awakening of nature,appeasement andlove.


June - pearl or moonstone

The pearl, but also the moonstone and the alexandrite are linked to the month of June. The pearl symbolizes purity. The moonstone stimulates intuition, sensitivity and promotes meditation and tolerance.


July - ruby

Linked to passion, the ruby is the stone of the month of July. One of the main virtues of this stone is to energize and stimulate. It brings us protection against evil influences and brings us joy of life, courage, confidence and fills our heart with love. It is said to prevent infidelity of the partner in marriage.


August - peridot

Peridot is the birthstone of August. It brings us clairvoyance, protects us from the influences of our fellow men and therefore symbolizes marital fidelity.


September - Sapphire

Sapphire, the stone of the month of September protects loved ones from jealousy and evil. It gives those who wear it a clear mind and protects from anger and impatience. It is the stone of truth, wisdom and reason.


October - opal or tourmaline

It was in 1912 that the opal was designated birthstone of the month of October by the American National Association. It reveals the truth, strengthens our qualities, for good or bad, and soothes our anxieties.


November - citrine or yellow topaz

American jewelers have designated citrine as the birthstone of November. Citrine is a very effective stone for those who are vulnerable and depressed. Supported by this stone, they find a sense of purpose in life again while yellow topaz brings us a sunny mood as well as peace and harmony.


December - zircon, blue topaz or tanzanite

Zircon has been designated as the birthstone of the month of December and most recently the famous tanzanite. Tanzanite brings us benevolence and serenity. It allows us to raise our consciousness and work for peace.

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